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Treasure planet 2 was already headed to production before it was shut down by Disney because of the less then expected international gross, Although it was highly appreciated by critics for bringing a new style and an unexplored side of the human struggle to Disney movies. In short, the story of a young man (Jim Hawkins) abandoned by his father at a very young age, trying to navigate life, without a rudder, he then gets involved with some space pirates and in particular long john silver who turns into somewhat of a father figure for the young man. It was shut down forcibly because of fears of exceeding production budget and not meeting expected short term gains in theater. Help us, bring this movie to the world by signing this petition and pressuring Disney into putting some sort of effort into it.

We urge Disney inc. to get back to work on the movie "treasure planet 2" and give the millions of people around the world the sequel they always wanted.

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