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Legboii is the big gay. In the beginning TheLegacy92 was found. He tried time and time again to undercut those looking to purchase and sell rivens to the masses by offering sub par amounts of plat and ammo cases to them. He is also the owner of our clans discord so as any good democratic leader he must listen to the voice of the people meaning if this petition gets enough signatures we may be able to chsnge his name.

I think we should change TheLegacy92's name to TheBigGay92 as legacy is The Big Gay. Legacy also needs as many @s on the discord as possible and needs to be pmed in game about every single ammo case you pick up

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The Make TheLegacy92 change his name to TheBigGay92 petition to TheLegacy92 was written by Jeff TheApricot and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.

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