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This is a petition addressed to Vince McMahon CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, SpikeTV, and UPN networks. I have been watching Wrestling for the last 25 years of my life and I have watched it slowly go from a sport, to sports entertainment, to playboy TV. There are so many women on that show that dress in little or nothing that my young children can't even watch wrestling with me anymore. It used to be a weekly ritual where my family would sit down in front of the TV every Monday and Thursday nights to watch wrestling together but when the girls started parading around in lengerie I had no other choice but to stop letting my children watch. This has nothing to do with degrading women or that I think that the WWE is being sexist but they could try to tone it down for their younger veiwers who look up to the athletes on their shows and like to watch them. I am just a concerned Mom who just doesn't believe that my children should be watching shows like that because they are very young and impressionable and even the WWE needs to set a good example.

I want the WWE/Vince Mcmahon CEO/SpikeTV the network that broadcasts WWE RAW/and UPN the network that broadcasts the Smackdown to please tone the nudity on their programs. They know that they have younger viewers. If you look out into the audience of any of their shows you will see young children as young as infants in their audience and I really don't believe that putting half-naked women into the wrestling ring parading around is good for children whether they are at the event live or if they are watching it on TV so I am trying to appeal to the people that run the company and the networks to get them to tone down the nudity for the children who are fans of the wrestlers and the programs.

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