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Dear Shaw Cable,

These signatures have been collected due to an ever growing demand for tennis coverage in Western Canada, specifically to have the Tennis Channel™ made available for viewing. The excitement the sport has generated by the pace at which it is played by today’s athletes and modern equipment has seen the tennis community and spectators grow in leaps and bounds.

Roger Federer made tennis history last year by capturing his 16th Grand Slam title and there is no sign that he is even near completion of his career. Sadly, our only real source of updated information or any in-depth interviews is the internet, as newspaper coverage is minimal at best.

The United States has the Tennis Channel™ available in most cities and has had it available for the past 7 years. The Golf channel and a number of other specialty channels are already available in Canada and we feel that the Tennis Channel™ should also be made available prior to the remaining 3 Grand Slams of 2010 and also to see the multitude of Masters Tennis events that are on-going. The following signatures are proof that the Tennis Channel™ would be a welcome addition to the viewing that Shaw Cable is currently offering.

More information can be located at www.tennischannel.com

Thank you.

We, the undersigned, call on Shaw Cable to make the Tennis Channel available for viewing in Canada as soon as possible.

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