#Students' Rights
Head of Firrhill
United Kingdom

The stairs in the concourse has one tile that is a different colour and triggers ocd and makes people feel uncomfortable and needs to be changed so people feel a lot more comfortable we need around 100 signatures to address the head teacher and head staff to fix this issue and make all students at Firrhill high feel comfortable around the school and free of things that could trigger ocd if this does not affect you a signature would be very appreciated as it helps to resolve this issue

We the students at Firrhill should feel safe and protected but when something that could affect people mentally appears we need to address it and resolve this solution signing this states that you want change to Firrhill even in the smallest error

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The Make the stairs the same colour petition to Head of Firrhill was written by Dylan Flahive-Malcolm and is in the category Students' Rights at GoPetition.

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