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City of Hamilton

Since its opening on November 17, 2007, there have been 201 collisions... 19 have involved cars crossing over the median.

Visability is low in poor weather conditions due to inadequate lighting.

May 2015 two young woman were killed instantly when the car they were driving crossed the grass median and drove into a van.

July 23, 2015 a young man is cutoff while on a motorcycle... life threatening injuries later he died in the hospital.

Same night at 11pm, another man on a motorcycle was knocked off his bike by a car trying to merge around the first accident.

Same night while officers still on the scene collecting evidence in another matter, a young man crashed into a police car.

We demand the City of Hamilton make the Redhill Valley Parkway safe.

We want streets lights installed, guardrails down the median, signs indicating it is a winding road, brighter road markings, and reflectors indicating the turns.

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