The Department of Transport

Last year, a new bus interchange was established in Geelong, known as the Moorabool Street bus interchange.

The concept of this interchange is that all busses will arrive and depart from one location. A good concept, yes?

There are numerous problems with this interchange.

1. There are no audio announcements making it impossible for people who are blind or vision impaired, or people who are unable to read bus numbers and destinations to know which bus is arriving.

2. The solution to point 1, that all bus drivers pull up in the front bus bay before leaving the interchange is ignored by some drivers meaning that many people miss busses because they are unable to move to busses at the back of the interchange.

3. This interchange was implemented with full knowledge that there were, and still are, grave accessibility issues. How is an elderly person, a person in a wheelchair, a person using a white cane or guide dog, or a person with a pram (to name a few) supposed to board their bus?

We, the undersigned, call for the Department of Transport to take accessibility seriously and improve access to the Geelong Bus Interchange.

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