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In January of 2017, Nintendo unveiled their upcoming new console, the Switch. After the presentation of the console, it became evident that Nintendo was charging for its online multiplayer service. Now, when Sony and Microsoft did so, they offered people games that they could receive for free during the period that they were up for grabs and keep forever. So what did Nintendo decide to do? They'll give you an NES Virtual Console game and an SNES Virtual Console game of your choice, which you can only keep for the month that it's up for grabs, at which point, it goes away from your library until you actually buy it. Now, I personally have been a Nintendo defender for as long as I've been able to play their games, but this is just a little too much. (I don't have to explain why, do I?) People have pointed this out, and there seems to be a lot of anger directed at Nintendo for this, especially from the “I-boo-because-I-want-to-cheer” Nintendo basher Jim Sterling. Maybe we can stand up and tell them of their misdeeds, as they are nothing if not representative of what their fans want...

We, the undersigned, merely call on Nintendo to allow the chosen NES and SNES games to remain on the account for however long the user wishes to keep them. That's it. Just that, and we'll (mostly) go away and leave it at that, and (again, mostly) look forward to the (hopefully) small but exemplary launch lineup for the Switch.

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