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Two people have died at the junction of Mitcham Lane and Ambleside Avenue in Streatham over the years. There may soon be another fatal collision.

Traffic – particularly buses - travelling South down Mitcham Lane, frequently jump the lights when turning right into Ambleside Avenue. In doing so, they go across a pedestrian crossing used by many children each day from St Leonard’s Primary School, when the Green Man is showing.

The time at this crossing is already too short for many people to get across safely, because of the mayor’s London-wide policy of shortening crossing times. This is something which particularly impacts those using wheelchairs, older people and children.

Transport for London say that there has to be another fatality or serious injury before action is taken.

There is more information and a video here: http://streathamnews.blogspot.co.uk/p/campaign-to-make-junction-at-mitcham.html

We, the undersigned, call on Transport for London to:

- Implement a longer crossing time at this junction so children, older people and those with mobility impairments have enough time to cross safely;

- Effectively monitor and enforce the traffic signals so bus drivers and others do not jump the lights;

- Rephase of the traffic lights so more time is allowed at the junction for traffic to turn right.

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