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Secretary-General of The Commonwealth of Nations

We, the undersigned, sign this petition asking that you do everything you can to secure an agreement at the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting that would make the Head of Commonwealth role a hereditary one.

Please consider the following nine reasons to make the Head of Commonwealth role a hereditary one:

1) Preserves the Commonwealth as an organic ‘family of nations’ rather than just another international political organization

2) Avoids political disputes about who should inherit the position of Head of Commonwealth when Queen Elizabeth II and future monarchs die.

3) Ensures that that there is no possibility of the Commonwealth not having a head for any period of time upon the death of the previous occupant

4) Maintains the Head of Commonwealth as being a distinguished person who is removed from political ambitions, nationalist interests, and party politics

5) Establishes that the Head of the Commonwealth will also be the Head of State for the sixteen Commonwealth realms

6) Gives certainty that the person who is Head of the Commonwealth will be a member of royalty and a person of global stature

7) Retains that personal link between the modern Commonwealth of Nations and its historical development as an imperial family of colonies.

8) Preserves the legacy of promoting the Commonwealth as a force for good in the world by the Windsor family through George VI and its present occupant, Queen Elizabeth II

9) Sustains that strong working relationship between the Head of the Commonwealth and the Secretary General of the Commonwealth Secretariat

We urge you to work toward building unanimous agreement between all the Commonwealth Heads of Government to ensure that the heirs of Queen Elizabeth II will inherit this title, thus ensuring the continued personal allegiance that binds the Commonwealth together.

We, the signatories of this petition, ask you to kindly pass on this petition and its message to the Commonwealth Heads of Government so that they may know of the strong public support within the Commonwealth for making the Head of Commonwealth position a hereditary one.

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