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Hi everyone

You know, over the last decade I've noticed and seen that the education system in the United States has really been going downhill, failing and dying a whole lot in the last 10 years since 2007 and the education system is still dying more and more every year these days. So I thought of some ways and some ideas of what we can do to improve the education system and how we can make the education system great and outstanding again like the U.S. education system was back in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s! And how we can build and open much better, schools, high schools, colleges and universities. Because kids, teens and college students need the best and highest quality of education they can get so that they can actually graduate with real diplomas and get real high paying jobs and big money careers. And so the students can actually learn what they want to know for what they want to be. So with that being said, I'll now put some ideas and ways that we can make the education system great again.

Okay first off, I think in order to improve the lunch system and breakfast system; and make lunches and breakfast better. Schools and colleges need to start serving much healthier and nutritional big meals and natural healthy milk and juice for the students to eat in the cafeteria for the students to eat and drink such as low fat fried chicken, low fat thanksgiving turkey, low fat oven baked sliced ham, low fat pork chops, occasional sweet honey barbecued baby back ribs, mashed potatoes and gravy, natural corn, low fat macaroni and cheese, fresh mixed vegetables, low fat healthy rice, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, fresh healthy salads with low fat salad dressing, mandarin Chinese food, Italian food (such as fettuccine alfredo with shrimp), tacos and big burritos, low fat refried beans, fresh natural fruits, fresh natural subway/togo's sandwiches, homemade soups, clam chowder, low fat macaroni salad, low fat potato salad, homemade spaghetti and meatballs with real spaghetti/pasta sauce, big hamburgers, jumbo hot dogs, real pizza, potato chips, crackers, chopped pork chops with gravy on them, natural orange juice, natural apple juice, natural fruit punch in bottles, natural berry punch in bottles, natural tropical punch in bottles, low fat diary pure milk in bottles, lemon aid, low calorie and natural sweet tea, occasional soda and many more great foods like them for students to eat during lunch so that they'll be filled. And they can all be served to the students in full meals during different days of the week.

And for dessert, schools and colleges can serve to the students natural frozen yogurt, real natural ice cream (such as cold stone creamery ice cream), fresh natural fruit salad, yoplait yogurt, yogurt fruit salad, birthday and wedding cake, apple cinnamon pie, fruit pies, coconut cream pie, low fat brownies, fruit sorbet, chocolate mousse, ice cream cake, ice cream sundaes, banana splits with ice cream, real cookies, donuts and many more great desserts like them. And for breakfast, serve the students real natural pancakes with syrup/honey, waffles with syrup/honey , low fat eggs (easy over and scrambled), yoplait yogurt, natural fresh fruit, low fat bacon and sausages, toast and jam/jelly, cream of wheat/porridge, French toast with syrup/honey, hash browns, low fat diary pure milk, orange juice, natural apple juice, real natural healthy cereal with milk and many more great and natural breakfast foods! Breakfast can be served to the students inside of the classrooms for a good 35 minutes for the students to eat before class starts. I believe all the students in schools/high schools, universities and colleges will all be a whole lot healthier, smarter, wide awake with open eyes, become more mature, have more healthier and natural bodies, have more energy, have more strength, have more power and they'll be able to function and concentrate better, more clearer and more brighter by them eating bigger and better meals that are more natural, more healthier and more nutritious that will make their minds and bodies stronger, healthier and more functioning! And be sure to give the students second servings of breakfast, drinks, lunch and desserts on big treys for students who are still hungry too. The special foods can be served occasionally. And make all meals on campus free permanently!

Okay next, to make school/high schools and colleges better, I believe we need to start building and opening much better and higher quality of technical and luxury school campuses and colleges campuses that are a lot bigger with much bigger square foot room. Next, make indoor school/high school and college hallways a lot bigger, cleaner, luxurious and higher quality with luxury floors, high quality clean and technical bigger classrooms, build an upstairs and downstairs staircase for classes and specials places/offices that are upstairs and downstairs for the students, staff and teachers to go to (like in the Disney movie "The Luck Of The Irish" from 2001), make much better, cleaner and higher quality of P.E. gym rooms, P.E. games, basketball courts, football fields and all the etc. (like in the Disney movie "The Luck Of The Irish from 2001 also), make real student lockers, have real cool electronic air conditioning and heating inside and outside of the whole school and college campuses when needed, have real loud and crystal clear HQ surround audio sound radio/satellite radio that plays both the modern music and all the greatest original old school songs for the students to listen on the radio (such as radios in stores and malls but much louder and clearer for everyone to hear), make the sports games faster paste, higher quality, stronger and better like the NBA games and the NFL games used to be back in the old school days; make all-star and megastar cheerleading and cheerleading squads fun, athletic, energetic, exciting and larger than life again like cheerleading and cheerleading squads were in schools and colleges back in the 80s, 90s early 2000s (and like in the movie "Bring It On" with Kirsten Dunst in it from 2000), open real mainstream music recording studios and real music classes in both high schools and colleges for students to record real album songs, play real instruments, make real album CDs and become real mainstream singers/artists.

Make a luxury and high quality student lounge for high school and college students to hang out in and play games in (like in the kids show "Zoey 101" with Jamie Lynn Spears from 2005-2008), have much better and advanced staff helpers and teachers and staff who actually teach their students in school/high school, universities and college everything they actually need to know and all the real things they need learn and know to make it in this world and to succeed in life with real high quality of teaching and work instead of just listening to people and teachers talk, help make the community and environment growing, happier, brighter and old school fun for to the students to make new friends, wear the coolest old school fashion clothes, look cooler in fashion, become better and learn more respect, morals, caring and friendship because fashion represents their personalities and beauty styles; provide free showers with body wash, shampoo, deodorant, body scrubbers and towels for the students who need them; provide free monthly 30 day bus passes for students in schools, universities and colleges who need them, have more stronger and advanced heavy armed security officers on campus with video recorders to keep the students safe, have all students be checked for weapons and drugs when they first arrive at school and college before letting them into the classrooms and on campus, and if they have drugs and weapons, remove them from the students; let students dress the way they like and wear any modern and old school fashion of clothes, shoes, necklaces, hats, sunglasses, hair styles, du rags, hairnets, jeans with designs, sports clothes, wrist pads, female feminine fashion for the female students and all the etc. (since having a certain dress code and uniform code takes away the fun and excitement and it limits the way students are presented and who they are), just as long as what they wear and how they look are appropriate and don't cause any fights.

Have fresh febreeze spray and power scent fresh in all the classrooms, hallways, in the cafeteria, in the P.E. gym and everywhere on campus indoors and outdoors daily and weekly and have many old school fun moments, field trips and more in schools/high schools and in college like they had and did back in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s! Now to discuss the real things. For classes, I think sex ed programs/classes should be offered to the members of the LGBTQ community. It's not good that the LGBTQ kids and other smart school students are not told what is safe to do during sex. The kids and teens are too ashamed to come out to staff/teachers about this issue and that shouldn't be happening. So the educational system should provide not only sex ed for the LGBTQ kids, but should also be giving less homework. Think about this: school is 5 days a week for 7 hours a day (and sometimes 8 hours a day). We only have 24 hours in a day. How do you expect kids and teens to keep up with school, homework, tests, service clubs, sports, their social life and other extracurricular activities if they're not well rested and if they don't get enough enhanced sleep? There' s not enough time in a day for kids and teens to do what they want. Also, what is the point of assigning a lot of homework to kids and teens when most of them don't even have time to do it or they end up doing it at the last minute? I think teachers need to do a better job and focus mainly on teaching students in class and assigning more classwork rather than homework in order to make sure that kids have more time to do other things after school, on weekends and on holidays while getting more work done in school and learning more as well! Also, students need to get more sleep and making school start at 8;00 AM or 7:30 am everyday is not helping. Students stay up late because of particular clubs, events and sports they are in and because of homework and tests they have. I think that school hours should be shortened to 4 or 5 hours a day instead of 7 to 8 hours a day. Students can't function early in the morning without a good night's sleep. Most of the time, they aren't even paying attention in class because they didn't get enough rest the night before.

Another issue I have with the school system is that the students have school for 9 months and 3 months of summer every year. And students deserve a break. They work too hard during the school year and should get at least 3 or 4 months off from school every year. Another issue I'd like to point out is that it sucks that people let our grades define how intelligent the students are and that our whole future depends on how well they do as a teenager. Students need to be cut some slack. Knowing teenagers, they're all are going to make mistakes which could potentially ruin ours and their future. One little mistake should not define how smart they are or how their future is going to turn out. Schools like to use grades to label their students which is why many students feel bad about themselves. Teens and kids can actually get depressed because of these labels. Moving on to the next issue, why do we limit special ed kids? They are humans like us and they deserve the same opportunities as we do. They are put in a classrooms to color and play with toys all day. We should not limit them because they have many of the same opportunities as regular ed students do. So we should give them the chance to help them find their interests and let them choose their own paths too. Next, please fix standardized testing, give more opportunities to the students to learn about our future and create a better learning environment for the students and everyone. Countries like Finland, Switzerland and other countries have the best education systems in the world today. Two reasons for this is the lesser stress on students and more equality between the pupils. And that's the way all schools in the USA and in Canada need to be as well.

Another thing we all need to do is bring back a lot more old school original fun moments and excitement in schools and colleges into the future as well as new great exciting moments and things. Such as allow the students to party and actually have real fun at their high school graduation prom dances and at college/university graduations with all the students dancing and moving their bodies to the greatest old school party and dance songs; and to the greatest old school soft rock and love songs. High school students and college students use to have so much fun at school and at college with old school fun music they use to play on their cassettes and CDs on their boom boxes while dancing and singing along to their favorite songs. And students use to actually dance like old school pro boy bands, girl groups and pop stars; and they used to dress cool and do all sorts of cool dance moves during their high school proms and college party graduations (like in the Disney movie "The Other Me" from 2000 where Will and his friends were all dancing in the high school gym on the basketball court to Aaron Carter' song "Life Is A Party" and they were all having a great time like teens and kids should). We all need to let students have fun like that in school and in college so that they also can have a childhood because in today's sh*tty 2010s generation, there's nothing fun and cherishing for teens, kids and college students to do anymore. And kids and teens are being forced to grow up to fast these days! So it's only fair that we let the students have fun during the school dances and graduations. And during college graduations too. And bring back old school fun house dance parties again for students also. And lastly, take the students on real fun field trips again and to special places during special days and nights.

Now for colleges and universities. I think community college should be free for all the students to go to because students who attend community colleges already have other things to pay for and buy in their lives that are already as high as hell and expensive all the time! And paying more money for community college isn't really necessary since colleges make more than enough money. And so the students can have even more financial aid money to buy their school items, books and everything they need. Another thing the U.S. government should consider doing is building and opening much bigger, better and higher quality of luxury community college campus building and university campus building with real advanced and smart teachers and professors in class who will teach the students all the real basic and advanced techniques about what they want to learn and everything they need to know to get a real high paying job and a career. And who will teach the college and university students what they want to know for what they want to be in much bigger and higher quality of universities and community colleges with high standard and advanced teaching instead of just listening to other people and other teachers talk in much cheaper, smaller and lower quality of community colleges and universities (such as the ones in the suburbs and in rural areas).

Of course still offer all the classes in different subjects and career learning that all community colleges and universities in the USA offer, but also offer many other things, classes and career programs for students to learn as well! Such as more recording studio music classes, more music instrument classes, more electronic music classes, rave club DJ set playing, satelitte FM music radio stations, and more classes like those ones. And make real all-star and megastar university and community college cheerleading, cheerleaders and cheerleading squads for really big and fun cheerleading competitions and at the best sports events and games; make on campus dorm rooms free or waived for all students, make real lockers inside the campus halls for the college and university students, make the sports games mean something and be more exciting with stronger league playing, make lunch and food free for students when needed, make universities and community colleges high quality and advanced learning schools like Everest college, Heals college, the ITT technical institute and Carrington college in a majority of community colleges and universities with all these features in them (just make community college and university campuses look like them a little, not actually make the same as Everest, ITT, Heald and Everest because i have another petition for those schools which I'll post later in this petition). And finally, (just like in high schools) make fun old school dance parties and events for the students who graduate from community college and universities so they to may relive their childhoods for one last time!

Basically, just make the education system and campuses in schools/high schools, community colleges and universities in America the way they all were back in the late 90s and early 2000s with high technical campus quality and all the old school fun and excitement in them the students had back in the old school days and as well as making new improvement changes and fun in community colleges, universities, schools and high schools too with high quality of clean campus buildings! Doing all of these things and more will really, really make the U.S. education system better and great again. And it will make education, college and school super high in quality again. Because I know now for a fact that kids and young adults who go to school/high school and to college all want more fun and excellent moments in their lives like everyone in school and college had back in the old school days! And doing all of these things and more will not only make the education system, school and college great again. They'll also help make our generation and society better, fun and great again. And doing these will also help bring back the old school 80s, 90s and early 2000s days, life, fashion, entertainment and all the etc. back again in the mainstream media and pop culture.

So if you'd like the U.S. government, the white house, the U.S. senate, president Donald Trump and the U.S. federals to make our education system great again and to make colleges, universities, schools and high schools great and high in quality again. Then please sign this petition so that hopefully, they'll all make the education system, school and college great and outstanding again; and so we can bring back the good old days of school and college in modern schools/high schools, community colleges and universities again which will connect the students,staff and teachers with more friendship, old school fashion, cooler style, great personalities, more respect, caring, more morals and more helping.

We want a much better seduction system in the USA that is good again! So let's all make it happen everybody.

(We want our education system, schools/high schools, colleges and universities to be like this in all future decades)
https://youtu.be/UhBTcuVcGo8 (at 4:00 and 37:00 into the luck of the irish video, you'll see the school campus)

(articles of how to make the U.S. education system better)

Our education system in both schools and colleges need much change and improvement so the students can actually learn what they want to know for what they want to be. And so schools, colleges and universities will all be fun again and teach their students about real life, the real world and what they need to know to make a living. The U.S. education system has been corrupted for a decade now and so now, it's high and time to fix the education system and make education and school much better, more connected and higher in quality again. Because a true education is what students need today to have enough money to make it in life and to have real big money careers!

And make all boarding schools in America free for students to go to and have all U.S. boarding schools paid for and funded for the students to go to. Or at least dropped the price to $300 or $400 dollars a month because $2,500-4,000 plus dollars a month is way too expensive and overpriced for any student to pay to go to. Fact!

So let's all join together and make the education system in the united states great again, shall we?

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