The City of Kingston Recycling Centre

The City of Kingston will only recycle #1 plastics that have screw top lids, they do not recycle "clam shell" like #1 plastics, which would include egg cartons, berry containers, spinach / lettuce containers.

This is a direct quote from the city of Kingston's website,"Plastics that are marked #1 and do not use screw top lids (like the "clamshell" containers used for eggs, deli product and muffins) should go in with your regular garbage.

To continue to reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill, check the plastic content of a container before you buy it and avoid buying #1 plastics without screw tops."

Why should Kingstonians be forced to stop purchasing a food item because the city refuses to recycle this plastic? The items are of a recyclable nature and therefore Kingston should be recycling them in order to reduce their environmental impact.

We, the undersigned, are asking the City of Kingston to include all #1 plastics including the "clam shell" variety into their recycling program.

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