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Why ruin a good photo or a good video all because you have broken the law of taking someone else by accident without their permission? Here you can take good photos without going to stupid court case. I want photos to be legal even if u accidentally take a photo of someone without permission.

I don't get it. My story of this happening is when i was video recording myself for just for fun until some random people in the background freaked me out. Then for some random reason it accidentally turned to someone where i wasn't suppose to take capture of. Then a few weeks later i was caught by school because that person who I accidentally took a photo of dobbed me in. But luckily i went off with a warning and no records. I saw so many stories of this happening everywhere where people get fined, criminal records and even jail.

WTF most photographers do take pictures of something and a random person ruins it by telling them off. It not nice thing to ruin a photo or videos. This petition also go to government buildings. What the point of having the consent laws for this when ur goin to keep the photo for personal use.

Take some actions to stop these laws. It doesn't make any sense. So save photography and the media by signing this petition.

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