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You saw how horrible "Hey Arnold! the Movie" did in theaters. Let's make sure Nick doesn't do it again. (n.allegri)

You heard it on Entertainment tonight... or maybe access... it was one of those shows, but there's a new Spongebob movie set to come out 2004! Before you start celebrating, take a look at the company making it. Nickelodeon, who came out with such horrible flops like "Jimmy Neutron" and the sad little "Hey Arnold!" movie. Even though these may have started as good ideas, they have been "Nicked" to DEATH.

This petition is made to BEG Nickelodeon to keep their nose out of the writers' and producers' bussiness when making this movie. That means, no 12 year old rapers or pop sensation making music for the soundtrack, no horrible marketing ideas or slogans, and PLEASE, spring some money so that the animation on screen looks GOOD, unlike the horrible Rugrats movie. Nick, you have a good thing going, let the men do their work!!

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