Utah, State, Office, Of Education
United States of America

I worked for the Carbon County School District for 24 years and they are loosing
one forth of the warehouse inventory ( $220,996) every single year. I managed the warehouse and have copies of the inventories to prove this fact.

I made the Utah State Office Of Education aware of this problem back in Apr of 2012 and they looked into the matter. The Carbon County School District had excuses but nothing has been done! It is high time that they be held accountable for our money.

Craig Houskeeper

I am Craig Houskeeper I worked for the Carbon County School District in Price ,Utah
in the warehouse for 24 years.

I want the Utah, State, Office, of Education. to make the Carbon, County, School, District. in Price, Utah be held accountable for the huge loss of our tax dollars.

This would give the schools much more needed money for supplies (At least a 1/4th Increase) because that is the amount of warehouse murchandice that they loose every single year.

If this Purchasing Agent is allowed to loose all of this money without being stopped and held accountable! Then when all of the money is gone they are going to want to charge us more taxes.

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