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Kitchener Waterloo

Roundabouts are unsafe for pedestrians there have been more reported and non reported accidents since they have been installed.

The new Homer Watson roundabout has had 20 Reported accidents in less then a month.

The roundabouts on Ira Needles Blvd are so busy with cars it is extremely unsafe for pedestrians.

Pedestrians have NO RIGHTS when it comes to crossing at a roundabout. People that live in the area of the new Sobeys, shoppers, Wal-Mart, Empire theater, Winners and Canadian tire will drive rather then walk because of how dangerous it is trying to cross at any of the roundabouts.

It's even more dangerous for Elderly, young teens (that work in these stores) and people with disabilities.

They say the roundabouts are to stop traffic from Idling at lights, however the roundabouts get so backed up in the morning and evening rush hour that cars are consistently idling.

The roundabouts are unsafe for pedestrians. As tax payers we have a say in our community let’s get the roundabouts safe for pedestrians to cross before someone gets badly hurt or killed.

Please pledge your support today for everyone's safety by signing this petition. If enough signatures are received we can take this to the City.

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