The Council of the Federation

$30,000 a year is too much!

Remicade® Users Unite was established April 28, 2012 to give a voice to all Canadians who want to pay a reasonable price for the prescription intravenous infusion drug Remicade®.

Remicade® Users Unite is lobbying Canada's provincial and territorial governments to combine their buying power and purchase Remicade® in bulk. By working together and buying in bulk, we believe we can get a better price on Remicade®, and so make it more affordable and available to those who need it.

We, the undersigned, call on The Council of the Federation, created December 5, 2003 by Canada's provincial and territorial premiers to foster a constructive and cooperative federal system, to work together now to purchase Remicade®.

We call upon our health ministers to jointly negotiate a reasonable price for Remicade®, a drug which so many Canadians rely upon for their health and well-being.

Please, sign the Remicade® Users Unite petition, and join us in raising our voices against exorbitant drug costs.

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