It was going to be a great game, now Disney CANCELLED it for the tron game!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned was an action role-playing video game in development by Propaganda Games to be published by Disney Interactive Studios for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows.

The game takes place in the open environment of the Caribbean where the player assumes the role of captain James Sterling, a pirate who must travel around the world to make a reputation for himself. The game was cancelled in Fall 2010.

The game would give players a character who has a predetermined appearance and personality, and based on their actions, the player will shape the character. Choices the player makes in the game would change the appearance and personality of the character. The game's main focus would be to allow players to choose how their character is seen in the world. This would allow some players to be more feared while some are just more respected.

Exploration would take place in a mixture of land and sea. Combat would be real-time instead of turn-based and would allow the player to customize weapons. The open world would also be filled with wandering artificial intelligence and, based on the way the player interacts with the AI in the game, the world would change the game's main plot. The game would also allow players to make allegiances with nations based on the path they choose. When the game's designer, Alex Peters, was asked about sword combat he said the player will be able to "attack, parry and counter their enemies" but when asked about ship combat, he replied, "Without giving away anything at this early stage, our approach is vastly different than any other game.".

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