Annette King, New Zealand Minister of Health
New Zealand

To have the New Zealand Ministry of Health classify obesity surgery as a medical procedure, necessary to the referred patient, as opposed to a cosmetic one, and to therefore cover its cost.

Obesity is a growing health concern in our society and leads to heart disease, diabetes etc., the prevention of which will save the government money in the long term. THe obese patient is also beyond the stage where they can just "control themselves" to lose weight - they have usually tried every diet in the book, all unsuccessfully, and are despairing. A possible endocrine imbalance only adds to the problem. If obese people could "just control it", they would! Yet they would love to lose weight. Obesity surgery has been described as the most effective, reliable treatment for severe obesity. Obesity has also been classed as a disease by no less than the United Nations.

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We strongly agree and urge that obesity surgery in New Zealand should be re-classed as a necessary medical procedure and not as an elective surgery; and that the government should therefore cover its cost.

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