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Heyo! My name is Nick Tarlowski and I'd like to fill Betsy DeVos' vacancy as Secretary of Education should she not make it past approval. She should be approved though, thanks to Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska and her Republican friends.

Here's my deal: I dont have 200 million dollars like the DeVos family to contribute to the Republican party to get noticed for this job. I'm not asking for 200 million dollars or anything, I'm just asking for your signature on this petition because I also have no clue what I would do as Secretary of Education. Except I haven't bought the privilege to be considered...

We, the undersigned would like Nick Tarlowski to be our Secretary of Education. He, like Betsy DeVos, has zero clue as to how to make education better in the United States, but at least he didnt donate 200 mil for the job. He's a pretty ok guy with a degree from a community college and one from the University of Nebraska. He has worked in after school enrichment programs, has a wife and a 1 year old daughter. His musical interests are wide, and he enjoys gardening.

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