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Guillermo del Toro

This is a petition to make the fictional scientist Newton Geiszler better in the 3rd Pacific Rim movie. Newt was done a vast number of injustice in Pacific Rim: Uprising and though it was an absolutely excellent movie, this is an issue that will bring down value and appeal in the Pacific Rim universe if it is not promptly dealt with. The decisions made for Newt's character arc in Pacific Rim: Uprising were wise and added to an element of good plot-making however for the substantial happiness of the franchise's devout fans we please ask that these decisions are amended in the third movie, preferably as a central plot point. Don't you think we'd all be a little happier? Del Toro, you are an idol of mine and your directing prowess is almost unmatched, and this aspiring stage director finds you inspiring. However, since this plot point was your incredible idea, we need your incredible ideas once more to reverse this vast injustice on the Pacific Rim fanbase.

We, the devout cult fandom of the Pacific Rim franchise, call on director, producer, and leader Guillermo del Toro to amend the injustices acted upon character Newton Geiszler in Pacific Rim: Uprising in the third Pacific Rim movie.

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