#Animal Welfare
Sending a letter along with the list of signatures off to the MP to bing forward a law like this
United Kingdom

FIRSTLY i am just a 17 year old girl doing an animal management course at college i am NOT a member of PETA or any such organisation, simply a outspoken young lady trying to make a difference in the laws.

I find it disgusting that some people breed animals purely to make a profit of money and don't care about the animals welfare.

So I'm hoping doing this petition will bring forward a law making it COMPULSORY to neuter your pets whether it be Rabbits, dogs, cats, horses, pigs (excluding farms and registered breeders) and ONLY being able to breed if a Breeding licence is applied for from the government with appropriate reasons to breed; and also to make Micro-chipping compulsory to limit the amount of abandoned animals along with lost and stolen and to help owners when moving house etc.

Please sign, it will help save millions of animals lives and prevent selfishness from humans towards animals.

This link below is just a short and very simple presentation i put together to show you some hidden information about how people are treating animals and getting away with it, my petition is to help stop this kind of behaviour from happening.


We who have signed are helping convince the MP and whoever else may be concerned to bring forward a law making it compulsory to neuter and microchip animals when either bought/acquired or rescued, and also make it illegal to breed animals unless you have a licence from the government which you apply for with the appropriate reasons regarding why you wish to breed your animals.

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