NCT DREAM deserve to be a fixed unit. Periodt. because as i know they have the best chemistry out of all the nct units and i would like mark to be back in dream too. I feel like it would be too damn cruel to seperate them apart since they all have grew up together, they're like brothers it's heart breaking to set them apart. Its also heart breaking to me that jisung wont be graduating. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE even if you're not an NCTzen please sign this petition i really dont want them to get seperated.

WE NCTZENS WANT NCT DREAM AS A FIXED UNIT, so please NCTzens sign this petition so that we can get DREAM as one fixed unit, i really can't see them get seperated.

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The Make NCT Dream a fixed sub-unit petition to 50,000 was written by Brenda Calista and is in the category Music at GoPetition.