Honourable Gene Zwozdesky (PC) Minister of Health and Wellness

In light to recent events regarding our 12-year old daughter; we have learned that she was never tested ( NBS-newborn screen) back in 1998 and it’s possible that our daughter might have inborn errors of metabolism.

We are petitioning the health minster to make new born screening LAW mandatory across the board throughout Alberta. Compared to our neighbouring province Saskatchewan.

See Links to:

Current New Born Screening for Canada:http://genes-r-us.uthscsa.edu/CA_nbsdisorders.pdf

I/(We) fellow Canadians hereby petition Alberta Health & Wellness to make it LAW/mandatory for all provinces to screen each and every newborn child for all known 50+ inborn errors of metabolism syndromes/ diseases within first 24 hrs. Of life. Before the mother and child is released from the hospital. By making this LAW “mandatory” many families and children will be able to receive the treatment witch can make a huge difference in a child’s/families life.

I/(We) Undersigned have strong belief that making NBS-Newborn Screen LAW/Mandatory “required by province of Alberta many children’s lives will be saved and appropriate treatment to be giving in timely matter. Without appropriate treatment in timely fashion can or will result in devastation, unnecessary brain damage, health complications, disabilities, and or even a cost of life depending on syndrome/disease.

I/(we) Ask Alberta Health & Wellness to take action by making NBS-Newborn screen by LAW/Mandatory across the board and NOT to leave it up to each province/or medical professionals decide rather or not to test a newborn child.

Link to current testing in Canada by province: http://genes-r-us.uthscsa.edu/CA_nbsdisorders.pdf
Link to current testing in USA by state: http://genes-r-us.uthscsa.edu/nbsdisorders.pdf

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