International English Word Making Committee

January 02, 2004

I made this word up in early 2003 and since then myself, as well as quite a few other people, have been using this word. I demand that this word be added into the English language.

'Meks' is a word that can mean anything...
For example:
Person A: Why hello there! How are you feeling today?
Person B: Me? I'm meks. You?
Person A: Yeh same here. Say, do you want to go to meks today?
Person B: Meks! I certainly do.

Only cool people who can fully comprehend the complex use of this word should use it. However it should still be made into a real word so people like me can use it in profesional writing.

We, the undersigned, agree that 'meks' should be made into a real English word. It is such a great word, and by adding it to the language, will help slow entropy in the universe.

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