#Local Government
Mayor Michael Victorino, Governor David Ige, Lt. Gov Josh Green
United States of America

As the video shows, we are just weeks away from having Maui 100% COVID-free and we can build a long-term visitor base on that unique reputation. By July, Maui can be the only location in the world that offers long-term visitors complete safety. We call this goal "Sanctuary Maui".
This strategy will fill our hotels within months and get our people back to work. It will also let us Maui residents resume a normal lifestyle without fear of the Coronavirus and without social distancing.

Current plans and actions are going in the wrong direction. They have safely guided us here, thank you, but the strategy goal needs to change today from "flattening the curve" to "eradicating the virus", so that we can start a new era on Maui.
Following New Zealand's example you must immediately:
1) Stop unrestricted interisland travel
2) Tighten the 14-day quarantine
3) Setup a task force to fully develop the Sanctuary Maui strategy
We only have one case of COVID on Maui today. Both interisland travel and a weak quarantine that can easily be circumvented may introduce additional infections. For the eradication strategy that is a deadly mistake. We have our health and a $4 billion economy to protect.
Your current plan to open for short-term tourists with detailed testing cannot work. The numbers in UHERO's study say that with full tourism, there will be 171 actively COVID infected tourists slipping through the tests every month on Maui. We residents do not want to live with years of outbreaks.
Sanctuary Maui means zero infections coming to Maui, while the hotels are full, the economy is running and people are working.
Let me end with a sincere appreciation for your great work. You have protected our lives and our islands through your determination, your wise guidance and your sleepless nights. Nobody could have imagined that we could get that close to eradication of the virus. Let's grab that opportunity while it is there, follow New Zealand's example, and create Sanctuary Maui.

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