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I think that there should be a holiday to celebrate the great work of Cesar Chavez as a great civil rights leader for the Hispanic community.

Why is it that we get Martin Luther King Junior's birthday off and Cesar Chavez? Martin Luther King Junior was one of the best civil right leaders. He helped end segregation between African Americans and Americans. Cesar Chavez helped end segregation against Hispanics and Americans. He also helped the migrant workers get fair wages.

I have a great amount of respect for Martin Luther King Junior, but I also think that the Hispanic community of this country deserve a holiday in which they can say I helped change America.

In conclusion, I think March 31st should be a national holiday to honor the magnificent work of Cesar Chavez

My fellow friends, family, and community please sign this petition if you think March 31 should be a national holiday to honor the work of Cesar Chavez as we honor the work of Martin Luther King Jr.

We owe a great amount of respect to Cesar Chavez for helping America to be a better and fairer place to live in!

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