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All supermarkets and shops in the UK.
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Labels are often made to be deliberately misleading. They put hidden animal products in sweets, and don't tell you what's in it (big complicated words don't count. I'm 12 years old, how do I know what they're on about!?).

Labels rarely say "This product is NOT suitable for vegetarians". They only tell you if it is. And they often lie. "This product is not tested on animals." What about the ingredients, huh? And what about other products, like those toys they sell at fairs and in amusement arcades? They don't tell you how they were produced, do they? How do we know that we aren't buying something that was made by an exploited child in a sweatshop somewhere? We don't know, because they don't tell us.

Companies like Proctor and Gamble and GlaxoSmithKline market their products to look "good". If they told you that Aquafresh toothpaste and Febreze fabric spray was tested on animals, who in their right minds would carry on buying it? They don't want you to know. But if they had to tell us the truth (I'm sure they've never tried this before), we could tell straight away what to buy to help make the world a better place.

Currently the only way to tell how your products were made is by looking for an ethical consumer logo. But not all products have them, so you don't know what you're buying.

Put clear labels on all products. It should say whether or not it was tested on animals, whether it is organic, fair trade or suitable for vegetarians and vegans. On clothes it should say whether it contains real wool, leather, fur, feathers, etc.

And labels should mention allergies, even rarer ones like milk and wheat, not just peanuts. People are allergic to other things than just nuts, you know. And it should say on wood and paper whether it was sustainably produced (ie. not just cut down randomly). And anything else anyone can think of.

And it has to be CLEAR and HONEST, not all "cleverly rearranged" like it is now.

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