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The Neopets Team

We have all seen the prices of the Krawk SKYROCKET. On the neopets front page it says NEOPETS are COMPLETLY free. meaning to create a Pet it will const you no money of any sort. Well neopoints aret he currency of the website.. So seeing that you need a krawk petpet to create a krawk pet and seeing how much krawk petpets cost neopets is contradicting itself. Krawks cost THOUSANDS of np to create! Please sign this potition to make shure EVERYONE, not just the millionares of neopia can own a Krawk.

I as a neopets user think it is unfair to the poorer citizens of neopia to restrict the Krawk. On the neopets front page it says neopets is COMPLETLEY free. That means to create a pet it will require no money of any sort. Neopoints are the currency of the neopets web site. And since Krawks are costing thousands and thousands of np to create, neopets is condradicting what they have told us. As a citizen of neopia i believe Krawks should be free for all!.

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