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Kern County Board of Supervisors
United States of America

This is a petition to support Sheriff Donny Youngblood in his efforts to protect Kern County residents and enforce federal immigration law by designating Kern County a "Non-Sanctuary" county.

Supervisor Zack Scrivener is currently the rotating chairman of the Kern County Board of Supervisors. He has voted against a similar non-sanctuary city proposal while serving on the Bakersfield City Council. Now, he's relying on a convenient and easily disputable legal opinion from County Counsel to block conservative input and prevent the designation at the County level. Apparently, Scrivener doesn't want to hear other attorneys and members of the public before deciding this critical issue. Let him know that you might not be all about open borders like he seems to be, but you still think open debate is an American value worth encouraging!

As background, when a political jurisdiction like, say, the City of New York designates itself as a "sanctuary city," that signifies resistance to enforcing federal immigration laws. "Sanctuary" jurisdictions risk losing law enforcement funding from the federal government as a result of their refusal to comply with federal law. The level of risk is unclear, but significant, as the current executive administration has (a) signaled a willingness to withhold federal funds and (b) the matter is currently being litigated in federal courts.

Many citizens in Kern County think differently about illegal immigration, citizenship, borders, and law enforcement than people in generally more politically liberal "sanctuary" jurisdictions. With the state legislature eager to declare the entire state of California a "sanctuary state," risking billions in law enforcement funding, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood has asked the Board of Supervisors to make clear that Kern County will comply with federal law and should not be included in any penalty imposed on "sanctuary" counties. Please send a message that you support public safety by signing the petition!

We, the undersigned, call on the Kern County Board of Supervisors to publicly debate and approve a resolution designating Kern County as a "Non-Sanctuary County."

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