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The tyrannous reign of Roger Goodell seems to finally be coming to an end. Not since Ray J and Kim K has a video made this much of an impact on one person's life.

Since the NFL will need a new commissioner we, The People For a Better NFL & More Cargo Shorts, believe that there is no better candidate than Joe Banner.

The major area where Goodell failed was in public relations. If you need evidence of Banner's PR skills just take a look at his twitter account (@JoeBanner13) or the friendly smile with which he conducted his press conferences in Cleveland.

It is Joe Banner's turn to run the most powerful sports organization in the world and he will do great, just ask Dion Lewis.

By signing this petition you declare that you indeed want the short but powerful Joe Banner to oversee the National Football League.

You hereby empower him with the ability to concuss and suspend any athlete at his discretion.

You also are giving him the ability to party with Jerry Jones and strippers anytime he wants... no dress code #CargoShorts.

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