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10 Downing Street
United Kingdom

Last Friday, 10.09.2010, my cat Thomas was rushed to the vets after we found him in the airing cupboard after he had been missing for two days. He was unable to breath properly and was lame. The vet told us that he had been hit by a car and his diaphragm had been torn when his organs from his abdomen had entered his thoracic cavity (chest). He no longer had any claws as he had dragged himself home and if we hadn't found him when we had, he would have died. He had to have extensive (thousands of pounds) worth of surgery and treatment and was in an immense amount of pain. Tom is still in hospital and we're now too scared to let my other cats out.

The driver who had hit him did not take him to a vet (only 1 1/2 miles away) nor look at his name tag and call the number on it. It is illegal to 'hit and run' dogs-cats should have the same rights!

Animals cannot speak for themselves, so please, if you believe that cats should have equal rights to dogs and that people who hit them with their cars should take a moral and legal responsibility to help them, please sign the petition.

Thank you.

We, the undersigned, call on the PM and 10 Downing street to enforce a law to make it illegal to hit cats and drive off without taking any action to help them. Treasured pets such as dogs have laws to protect them and we want the same for cats.

Much heart ache and pain is felt by both the animals and the owners when a cat dies or is hurt and no one takes the time to try and fix what they have damaged, accident or not. This law could save the lives of many cats in the UK and help put owners minds at ease.

Our request is simple, please give cats equal rights to dogs and make it illegal to hit a cat with a vehicle and drive off. Whoever hits the cat with the vehicle should be responsible, legally to take it to a vet or contact the owners.

Thank you.

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