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Helmets need to be made mandatory for batters and base runners at all times.

On August 30th, Chris Godfrey of Comox, B.C. passed away after being hit in the head by a softball while running to first base in a slo-pitch game. On May 31, 2016, just like Chris, I was struck in the head by a softball while running to first base, I was knocked unconscious and required emergency brain surgery. I am very lucky to be alive today. After my accident, I asked the head of the league "If I had died, would you change the rule? Or does it take someone dying in order to change the rule?" Tragically, here we are. Please sign this petition for Softball Canada to change the rules and make helmets mandatory across all leagues to ensure no loved one ever has to go through the trauma and devastation of a tragedy like this ever again.
On the morning August 31st, I sent an email to Softball Canada to tell them my story and urge them to make this change. By the afternoon of the 31st, the CEO of Softball Canada called me personally to say that the rule change would be tabled at their next board meeting on September 25, 2017. He believes this is important and is happy I have brought it forward - but any change to the rules Is decided by a vote at the board meeting. This petition will be included with that board meeting : every signature counts! Thank you.

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