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Why should so many people in this country be made to suffer for fear of going to the doctor with no or poor health insurance? In this economy the last things we should have to worry about are medical bills and getting sick.

Do wealthy people deserve to be healthier than the people with less money? Absolutely not! Everyone who is equal under the constitution should be entitled to equal health care as well. Sick people need health care the most and are the least "insurable."

We have to take the word "insurable" out of our vocabulary. No one should be denied health care due to weight, race, pre-existing conditions, income, or anything else. Equal health care should be a right, not a privilege! The insurance companies are making profit off of you.

It's time we established lawfully that health care is a human right, accessible to all, and therefore cannot be denied.

The top executives are lining their pockets with money that could be used to help you with preventative health care or illness. Here are just two of the top health insurance CEO's salary summaries for the last 5 years:

United Health Group
CEO: William W McGuire
In 2005 Alone: 124.8 mil
5-year Total: 342 mil

Forest Labs
CEO: Howard Solomon
In 2005 Alone: 92.1 mil
5-year Total: 295 mil

Not to mention vice presidents, Board of Directors, stock holders and the other 200-300 companies all cashing in on your health. This is all money that could have been spent not denying someone coverage for a procedure they definitely need.

We need to change our tone to a much louder one! We keep asking and they choose not to hear us. They are not the ones suffering, we are. It's time we demand to be treated with respect and demand that they acknowledge that we are all equal under the constitution and deserve the same opportunity at being healthy as the people with the right jobs and higher pay.

We, the undersigned, call on the House of Representatives and the United States Senate to recognize health care as a human right, therefore mandating health insurance companies to provide all Americans with affordable and quality health care, regardless of medical history, preexisting conditions, race, gender, salary, or any other limitation.

We call on you to require health care companies to reduce the deductible payment to $500-$1000 per year and have set, affordable premiums. Health insurance companies are to stop the extensive profiting from and gambling on our health.

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