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Our basic rights have been reduced to voting, and buying whatever we can if we have any money left. We can't even make any solid decisions about what food we consume any more.

The only options we have are the millions of options in the grocery stores that are teaming with terrible side effects and harsh chemicals. People think that because there are so many options, that we have an abundance in good food. However, almost all of these foods are unhealthy, and distributed in a dishonest manner.

Advertising companies and agents have deluded us with glorified, unimportant information about the food we consume, instead of telling the truth about what is in our products. We are told more about what people will think of us if we buy the latest food product, rather than how we will actually feel anatomically.

This petition will be signed in the hopes that advertising food products will be taken more seriously, and that harsh chemicals will no longer be ingredients in our food.

Each person has the right to safety, happiness and health. At the moment, even our bread and circuses are polluted.

People think that the millions of foods available in grocery stores are their only choice, because truly healthy food is hard to come by. This is a shame to our world and our people.

This petition proposes that:
-All production of the chemical BPA is halted immediately.
-Plastics used to contain food are either eliminated or replaced with safer materials. (Glass, cardboards, wax paper....etc.)
-Grants should be given to persons in order to procure safer containing methods, safer distribution methods, and safer preservation methods.
-It will be illegal for advertising agents to sugar coat or falsify information about harmful ingredients or processing methods concerning any food.
-There will be a designated location either on the packaging of foods or the FDA website where all food manufacturers must relay any and all information concerning their products.
-Any organic products will be cheaper in cost than regular materials.
-Fast food restaraunts must use less preservation chemicals in their foods.
-There will be no more "Suicide Genes" used to ensure that plants and crops are not able to reproduce.
-Replace microwaving units with safer food heating devices.
-Immediately remove harsh chemicals such as BPA from infant formula containers.

If anyone is concerned about the health of our people, as human kind, please sign this petition. If you wish to have better quality food for yourself, your family and neighbors, please sign this petition. Advertising will no longer hide the ugly side of the food we are consuming. We will no longer be tricked into consuming harsh chemicals. Our basic needs are food, sleep, exercise and shelter.

Without honest, healthy food, our society will crumble with weakness. Sign this petition and help our healthy options grow, so that we are all aware of these options. Make healthy food a bigger option! Make good food a reality!

Thank you.

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