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Childhood Cancer Awareness is seriously lacking world wide. This is mainly due to the lack of funding as well as the lack of interest by governments, the media and large corporations. Childhood Cancer kills more Children than ANY other disease world wide, including HIV/AIDS. The sad reality is that 70% of Childhood Cancers are completely curable IF diagnosed in time.

This is why Awareness is so important. Awareness can save our Children...and YOUR child! In the USA, 30% of Cancer Funding goes toward Breast Cancer, and that is really great, but surely someone, somewhere must notice that there is a severe lack in balance with this situation as all 12 Childhood Cancers COMBINED receives only 3% of funding! It is of great worry that statistics on Childhood Cancer is not even readily available in South Africa! Childhood Cancer is represented by the GOLD ribbon, and its about time that our Children have a voice and that they be given what is their due.

Childhood Cancer should be as well known, researched, funded and marketed as ANY other Cancer type! September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month... join the Little Fighters cancer Trust in raising Awareness and making a noise so that the World wakes up... and goes GOLD!

We, the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, ask that you sign this petition which will be handed to the South African government and distributed to the South African Press in an effort to gain more support for Children who have no choice but to battle Cancer each day, and their families.

By signing this petition, you declare that you are AWARE and you support Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this September.

Remember to wear GOLD!

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