Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA)

July 12, 2005

The majority of motorsport fans will be aware that Formula One has become phenomonally boring in recent years, particularly with Michael Schumacher running away with the last five world titles. Last weekends British Grand Prix was another prime example of cars being unable to overtake one another.

I say bring back the glorious 80s with the fantastic turbos. All they had to do was crank it up and blast past the guy in front. Ban re-fuelling too. That gives the drivers the extra challenge of having to conserve petrol. Remember the days of cars running out of fuel on the last lap? It was gripping stuff, especially with our own Murray Walker getting ridiculously excitable about it all.

All this petition is asking you to do is sign up to make the FIA ban re-fuelling and bring back turbos. I think it's a great idea!

We, the undersigned, wish the FIA to ban re-fuelling and re-introduce turbochargers in order to make Formula One entertaining once again and allow racing drivers to actually race each other.

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