#Local Government
Post office complaints and Department of Forestry and fisheries
South Africa

I Manogran Veeran hereby affirm that I have started this petition to highlight the plight of subsistence and recreational anglers in Kwazulu Natal.

As required by law, all Anglers in Kwazulu Natal are required to be in possession of a valid fishing permit at all times, however for the past 2 years the availability of the relevant forms has been a contentious issue as only a few Post offices have these forms available.

Please assist us, the Angler in making these forms readily available at all Post Offices, so that we can enjoy our sport but also abide by the laws of this Country.

Thank you.

We, the undersigned, call on the Post Office South Africa and Department of Forestry and Fisheries to find a solution to the problem of unavailability of fishing licence forms at Post Office's in Kwazulu Natal, hereby allowing Recreational and Subsistence anglers to abide by the Laws set out by the relevant Department and simultaneously enjoying the sport of our choice.

Thank you.

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