Facebook, Inc.
United States of America

Facebook recently banned all Far Right groups for incorporating hate into their message. In the name of equality, all hate groups should be banned. Facebook should remove all Far Left groups who have engaged in violence and hate as well. Far Left Groups have engaged in hate speech and violence toward innocent victims. Their message online is growing and the violence is spreading. Facebook, Inc. has a responsibility to protect all users of their product.

We, the undersigned, call on Facebook, Inc. to ban ALL hate groups including Far Left Organizations. This should apply to Antifa, BAMN, Workers World Party, Black Panthers, and any subsidiary of these groups. These groups have unjustly targeted Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, and anyone wearing a red MAGA hat with violence and hate speech. This Far Left message on Facebook has emboldened followers to take to the street and act in violence toward innocent people. This message must stop now.

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The Make Facebook Remove Far Left Groups petition to Facebook, Inc. was written by Mike Helms and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.