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eBay Australia, has made it way too hard for most people to use it as a fundraising platform. Getting authorisations and setting this up takes a lot of time, so most people can't be bothered. Also most people don't even know you can fundraise through eBay.

So, they need to make this much easier, and promote the fact that it can be done. Being the huge community it is, gives it huge potential to do things great. At the moment very little is done. If eBay wanted to utilise all of its potential then it would make Charity Fundraising easier.

All they would need to do is:
-Get authorisation from list of organisations themselves, cutting out the hassle for sellers to have to do this.
-Set up the option to have a percentage of your sale donated to your selected charity, in the listing designer.
-Set up a system where this percentage is sent to themselves (eBay), and eBay sends it to the selected charity.

This needs to be done... and now!

We need eBay to make fundraising easier. It has HUGE potential and all of this is going to waste as we speak. Imagine how much money and awareness could be raised, through all of eBay's sales and members.

This can easily be done, we just need to get this message through to eBay. How many people sell things, just to get rid of them? HEAPS! So if all this money was easily donated to a charity, imagine the difference this could make. IT HAS TO BE DONE!!

Please sign this petition, and spread the word. eBay must bring this in.

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