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It's now only a matter of days before Game of Thrones returns to television for its seventh season. Lexody, a language exchange application, posted an article about the Dothraki language and its creator, David J. Peterson. Our goal is to encourage Lexody to include Dothraki as an official Lexody language in order to provide users with the opportunity to converse with other devoted Game of Thrones fans. The Dothraki-speaking community is quite small, however Lexody would make it easier for loyal Game of Thrones to unite and work together by adding Dothraki (and perhaps Valyrian) as a language exchange option for Lexody users.

Original article: https://blog.lexody.com/2017/07/10/dothraki-phrases-all-game-of-thrones-fans-should-learn-before-the-season-7-premiere/

We, the undersigned, call on Lexody to add Dothraki as an official Lexody language in order to unite the Game of Thrones community and promote its cultural values.

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