#Children's Rights
Department of Child Safety and the Queensland Government

In the past six (6) years the Queensland Department of Child Safety has made decisions which have, in over 184 separate, unrelated cases, directly caused:- the death of (through suicide, drug abuse, assault, or other means); turned to life of crime; turned to prostitution; or caused children or adolescents under their control, whom they are supposed to protect, to destroy their lives through the department's ineptitude and lack of accountability.

We the undersigned, herein, humbly request the Queensland government to commence an official enquiry into why the Department of Child Safety can make decisions on the safety of children and adolescents in its care where these decisions have caused the endangerment of the aforementioned children and adolescents to which the department is not required to answer to anyone for its irresponsible actions and decisions.

We would like measures put in place to make the Department of Child Safety FULLY accountable for it's actions so that no other lives can be cut short or otherwise irreparably damaged.

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