#Law & Order
Goverment of delhi

Delhi roads are no longer safe to drive. There was a time when a small accident on the road happened and people wondered how much damage is done to the car.

Now the times are,that you don't know if you are gonna survive or not.Cause some idiot is sitting with a gun in the car ready to shoot u in his rage just because you would have scratched his car or you have overtaken him or if you are just doing you job by asking him the toll tax..

Is it the road rage people which people act upon or is our law and order so weak that people are not afraid to commit the crime cause they know they can still get away. To solve and come to a decision for a case, it takes 10-12 years. Isnt it time to act??

It s about time we act together. By making this petition i want to spread the word to educate each other to be calm and composed on the roads and not beat the shit out of each other. The law and order is not gonna change much, so what we can do is help ourselves.

Kindly support it if u are in favour of making the delhi roads safer.

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