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Ro make declawing illegal
United States of America

I am writing to you today, April 29,2014 on the subject of making declawing of cats illegal in the United States. In many countries it's already illegal , as well as many states. It is such cruelty to these poor animals and for no reason at all furthermore more and more of these poor amimals are being declawd and being able to let go outside all night, getting lost, unable to defend themselves one poor cat was attacked by an animal so bad it needed stitches all because it couldn't defend himself. People are declawing for selfish reasons. They don't want there furniture ruined. Well if that's the case people like that shouldn't have cats plain and simple!

There are plenty of us cat lovers out there who will always continue to adopt and rescue cats. We don't need them going into the hand of people who will just torture them for their own selfish reasons. I've rescued 10 Kittens left in woods to die. So small they still needed milk. I found 5 a good home and I do mean a good home. I didn't just give them to anyone. I knew the people. I couldn't find the other 5 a home so I kept them They are indoor cats. 15 yrs ok'd now never ever declawed I've watched the paw project a d was at a loss for words when I saw what declawing can do.

Please help us make declawing illegal for our cats sake. It's animal cruelty , abuse and unnatural this is how they defend themselves! Try taking off your finger to the first knuckle because that's exactly what they do. It's very painful and disgusting.

Please help us.

We the undersigned call on the Unifed States to make the declawing of cats illegal. It is cruel. It is abuse and we need to stop it.

In many countries it's already illegal as well as many states. Let's make in our country. Let's ptotect our cats. They are poor innocent little animals. We need to have a voice for them.

My cats are my family. They play, they understand and they sure do feel the pain of someone ripping their fingers off. Yes that's exactly what they do. It's gruesome.

So please sign this petition and help save our cats.

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