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The resident discount scheme offers users, against a standard charge of £2.50 per crossing, unlimited crossings for £20 per year or £10 for 50 crossing with additional journeys at 20p each. However, eligibility is restricted to residents of Dartford and Thurrock councils only.

It is somewhat bizarre that residents in Corringham, Thurrock (10 miles from crossing), should benefit while Havering residents in Upminster (7 miles) do not. Similarly, residents of New Barn in Dartford are entitled to the discount at 6 miles distance, but Havering residents in Rainham at a mere 4 miles are not! A similar argument can be made from near neighbours in Crayford, Bexley.

The Highways Agency should consider basing the scheme on an agreed distance from the crossing in order to make it fair and equitable to everyone.

We the undersigned recognise the resident discount scheme for the Dartford Crossing as a positive initiative.

However, in order to make it fair, eligibility should be expanded to an agreed distance from the centre of the crossing rather than just the two bordering local authorities.

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