#Local Government
Lancashire County Council
United Kingdom

Currently the county council are consulting on reducing the speed limit on High Lane and County Road to 30 mph. We welcome this measure, but without proper enforcement it will have little effect. Research on red light enforcement cameras in 2017 showed a 20% decrease in total injury crashes at traffic lights. Such cameras at Fiveways junction and the Green Lane/Hayfield road junction would reduce serious injuries and fatalities. As the county council is looking at this issue currently, now is a crucial time to raise this matter.
Photo: Copyright http://ormskirk.qlocal.co.uk/

We the undersigned agree to a reduction in speeding from 40mph to 30mph on County Road but this must be enforced by the introduction of red light enforcement cameras & warning signage at the traffic light junctions at County Road/Southport Road/Halsall Lane & at County Road/Green Lane/Hayfield Road.

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