Telkom (SOC) South Africa
South Africa

Telkom always assigns monthly WiFi bundles to its customers to utilize at any Telkom Wifi hotspot. Apart from the fact that these hotspots are hard to find, it is a nightmare connecting to their WiFi network, once you've found one
These monthly 10GB , or weekly 2GB can go a long way and they do so much when you are trying to update your devices, do some work on a laptop or stream your favourite videos.
In order to make sure that everyone assigned these bundles can use them whenever they want, we HAVE to compel Telkom to bring back "MAC Address Linking" feature on the portal, so users can register their laptops' MAC Addresses, since EAP-PEAP authentication does not work on laptops; but only on Mobile.
Sign this petition so we can have back the feature that enables us to enjoy our free WiFi bundles on devices that do not accept EAP-PEAP; especially laptop devices.

Let's get back the "Link MAC Address" feature on the Telkom WiFi portal, so we can use those 10GB, or 2GB wifi bundles we always get, but can't use!

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