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Every horse is reacts to different bits. You have to find the bit that works for your horse, but what about the horses that won't ever react to bits. You use the bitless bridle. The bitless bridle is illegal to use in Dressage so that makes an issue for those using a bitless bridle.

We think that bitless bridles should be made legal in Dressage. Here are our reasons; Using a bitless bridle means that your horse is happier to be with you, stays calmer and listens better, so you create a closer team. It means simply that whatever you do with your horse, you will do it better. Regardless of the age, ability or aspirations of horse or owner.

We believe this bridle eliminate the discomfort, pain and injury that can be caused by bits.The bridle forms a cradle around the horse’s head so the rein pressure and release intuitively gives consistent signals to turn, slow or stop your horse.The rubber gripping on the loosely-fitting noseband keeps it from moving and amplifies your stop/slow signals.

In conclusion, it improves communication with your horse - without the pain and adversity of a bit! It helps you ride or train better!

We, Alex Noetzel and Erin Deyo, call on the eventers of Louisiana to make the wonderful bitless bridle legal in dressage riding.

We ask you to read our reasons for making the bridle legal, think them over, and consider signing our petition!

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