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The Beirut 542 Program is a community-based initiative created by the Beirut Marathon Association whose purpose is to transform first time runners into marathoners. In the summer of 2014 the program launched with over 70 runners training to run 42km for the first time ever, and it grew bigger through the years.

These teams spend a lot of time together, becoming more than just running buddies.

So, the idea now is to make Beirut 542 a running club, unique to all running clubs in Lebanon, meaning no competitions and no pressure. Beirut 542 as a club will be dedicated just to running for the sake of spreading peace, having fun and maintaining the fitness and the friendships that were built during the training months.

Please note, THIS RUNNING CLUB IS AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE. Runners, Ex-runners, people that never ran before... absolutely everyone!

Sign the petition to make BEIRUT 542 a running club rather than a 4 months training program!


Hi, everyone! So I've been thinking. I realized that a lot of us don't want to stop running, let alone stop running as a group, so I figured, why stop? I really enjoyed this whole journey (as I'm sure most of you did!) and honestly, I don't see a reason for it to stop.

Beirut 542 is a unique group, it has united all of us, from different sects, religions, and backgrounds. Nothing really mattered, we ran together, helped each other and had fun together. I think peace and oneness are what "The Beirut Marathon Association" stands for and its what "BEIRUT 542" achieved for 4 months, rather than for one day.

SO, we should all unite to keep this going!

My suggestion is to make BEIRUT 542 a year-round club,for the sake of friendship, running, and fitness. If you agree, sign the below petition which will be presented to the BMA.

PS: share this with other members (e.g. Jounieh members and previous BEIRUT 542 runners)

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