For those who don't know Stephen Murray is a BMXer who is paralaysed from the shoulders down after a BMX accident. He is undergoing treatment and therapy but has launched "Stay Strong" to help benefit himself and others struck down by injuries in their sport. The main tour, the Dew Tour, run by www.ast.com has now decided the Stay strong branded merchandise may not be sold at the tour event. This is shocking.

Here's the text from Stephen's site.

As we all know this will be the 1-year mark of Stephen Murray's crash that has left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. Stephen has spent the last year in & out of hospitals, in extensive rehabilitation programs and away from his family. Stephen has put everything he has into his rehab but has somehow found the energy to work on a "Stay Strong" Apparel line, that he & Kimarie Hunt will soon be launching.

We have been made aware that AST have refused to allow any merchandise to be sold at any of the stops due to a merchandising agreement with a third party. Whilst AST have been supportive in other ways, this is the real financial lifeline for Stephen.

Therapy is expensive and this is Stephen's way of taking responsibility and continuing to provide for his family.

What happened to Stephen could have happened to any of us. Stephen represents each and every one of us.

On this basis, we would like to ask you to join in a demonstration of our support for Stephen by wearing the Stay Strong t-shirts, representing Stephen wherever possible and generally letting AST know that we are standing behind Stephen, even if they choose not to.

Thank you, much love,

We the undersigned call upon AST to do the decent thing and allow the selling of Stay Strong merchandise at the Dew Tour events.

More than that, www.ast.com could actively help promote this cause, without riders and fans there is no Dew Tour.

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